The Ardmore House is conveniently located in the heart of East Hollywood.

Recharge your sobriety at the Ardmore Home

Homey, Vibrant & Inspiring

The Ardmore House has been recently upgraded to offer NEXT Recovery’s upscale sober living experience. Cozy and conveniently located in East Hollywood, this home is a great choice for anyone looking to get a fresh start on life, sober.

  • Newly remodeled
  • 2400sq ft of spacious living area
  • Highspeed WiFi
  • Flatscreen Televisions with Premium Cable
  • Modern Kitchen & Laundry Appliances
  • Walking distances to restaurants and shopping areas
  • On-site parking for residents
  • Off-site parking for guests

Contact the NEXT Recovery Ardmore Home or Call (800) 213-7460

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