NEXT is trusted by thousands of clients and facilities nationwide

NEXT Recovery’s sober living homes are built around your needs and designed to remove distractions to your recovery.

We take recovery seriously. Our homes are structured and safe places for you to nurture your new life. We focus on keeping our homes clean and beautiful, and each resident participates in that process.

We have a zero-tolerance policy for drug and alcohol use. Our homes are sanctuaries for sobriety. Each one of us is fighting a battle with a disease that is trying to kill us. We won’t let it win.

Take a tour of our locations and see which one is best for you!

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Ardmore House

Conveniently located in East Hollywood


Corning House

Conveniently located in Culver City


Lodi House

Conveniently located in Hollywood


North Oxford House

Conveniently located in Los Angeles


Rosewood House

Conveniently located in Hollywood


South Oxford House

Conveniently located in Hollywood

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